From the Eye of Irene

It’s 7 a.m. Everything is very, very quiet except for the pitter patter of rain and occasional whooshes of wind. The city still seems to be alive though. Saw two guys walking happily down the street (umbrellaless), one taxicab (available), one cop car.
Woke up to minor leaking under the french doors, quickly cleaned up with a towel. We have lots of batteries, bottles of water, and cold cuts in the fridge. Other than that, our fears of “Katrina II – N.Y. edition” are fading, though the TV keeps yammering that even worse conditions will hit us in the next two hours.
Yesterday, I heard a guy say into his cell phone, “No, I am getting ready. I’m going to fill up all the glasses in my apartment with water.”
Plan to spend the rest of the morning drawing, drinking tea and eating cold cuts.

New stuff

- We finished filming our second drawing movie. This one was a bit more ambitious and may take some time to edit.
– The first draft of my next book is almost done. We’ve had some back and forth on the size of it which has meant redesigning the pages but I am happy with where it has ended up. Though sad in places, it is my favorite book so far and I hope you like it too.
– Jack and I are going on a brief European tour soon. Packing has begun.

Peanut. The Graphic Novel(ish)

Well, for those who have yet to consume Peanut the Paperback or Peanut the e-book, here’s a sample of Peanut the Graphic Novel. I hope you enjoy it but please be content with this helping. It’s all I could be bothered to do and no more will be forthcoming.

God, Graphic novels are an insane amount of work! But fun (ish).

(Click on each page to enlarge)

A night I'll never forget

Last night we had the most extraordinary memorial tribute to Patti. There were over 200 people attending and people had to wait outside to get in. There was singing and story telling and orchids and roses and the most love I have felt in my life.

My joke with the many friends who helped to plan the evening was that we should have a party so fantastic that Patti would be really mad she wasn’t there. The evening was that and much more … and Patti did attend — her spirit was very much alive all night.
Jack and I talked when we’d come home and both felt the same thing: that the horrible void we’ve had since last Thursday has been replaced by a peaceful knowledge that we are going to be alright because so many, many people loved Patti and us and will always be there for us, making sure we don’t go off the rails.
Thank you everyone who was there and to the many others who sent us messages of peace and support. We are very fortunate.

Sucking and idling

I like to draw complicated machinery in the streets. If buildings are my landscapes, trucks are my wildlife.

I drew this critter hurriedly and from my uptown balcony. Just as I finished, it pulled in its trunk, stowed its cones, and ambled off. But I got the drawing, which didn’t suck.

One of the more perilous portions of my trek to the office each morning is crossing the cobbled stone stretch of 14th Street in the heart of the Meat Packing district. There’s loads of construction, sidewalks are missing, detours abound and there are missing stop signs and traffic lights. I just had time to get the basic bits of this rig before its driver clambored back aboard and sailed away on the dense river of morning traffic.