1. Dorien

    Hello Danny,
    Maybe you can come to Holland sometime, whenever you are in the neighbourhood, and we can organise a weekend or week- workshop here. I would be very willing to help arranging it. I live in Leiden which is a very nice town and where we will find lots to draw. I am not an artist of any kind, just inspired and motivated by your books and videos. I twice made a journal in my holidays, inspired by your book.
    Thank you for all. Greetings from Holland,

    • dannygregory

      Dear Dorien,
      I will be in Amsterdam in November. Maybe we can meet and draw together!


  2. Debbie Knippen

    Are you having any additional workshops this summer? Even though I live in FL – looking for workshops to attend.
    Thank you,

    • dannygregory

      I’ve only ever given one workshop in my life. That was last weekend. Hard to say what the future will bring — but do stay posted.

  3. Dorien

    I would be delighted! I am in Amsterdam everyday for work, so meeting you there and draw together – if it’s only for an hour or half an hour (I don’t know your maybe very busy schedule – would be great). I will contact you again the beginning of October. Now I’m packing for a trip to France, and I’m taking a new book from you with me! Bye, Dorien

    • dannygregory

      Bon voyage. And do stay in touch.

  4. Monica Baebler

    Liked very much your “Breakfast” video – Will you be making more of those? I learned so much – and am very grateful to you and your efforts to bring Art and the making of it to interested people – the Dr. PH Martin’s colors are the equivalent of listening to Chopin’s Etude’s – Breathtaking! Also, if you go to Grand St (Brooklyn) towards Queens (near Western Beef) there are numerous places of drawing/painting interest – Your work is fabulous – your son is totally amazing! Blessings, Monica – Mixed Media/Experimental Artist – Cleona, Pa

  5. Lesli Williamson

    Hi Danny,

    I love your books, videos, etc., and tried to send you a link, but it wouldn’t send to your e-mail address. I wanted to let you know about a cool place on the Oregon Coast where you may want to teach someday. Their web address is http://www.sitkacenter.org. They also have artists in residence for months at a time. If you haven’t already heard of it I hope you enjoy learning about it.


    Lesli Williamson
    Portland, Oregon
    PS I’d love to have you teach in Portland someday. The Oregon Society of Artists offers workshops on a regular basis and is located about 3 blocks from Washington Park and NW 23rd Street (a great neighborhood business district).

  6. christin wevill

    love your drawings, have you made the italian- rome, tuscany etc. into published books ?

    • dannygregory

      Thanks, Christin! Some of the drawings I did in Tuscany are in Everyday Matters. And some I did in Rome are in An Illustrated Journey. But, no, I have never thought to publish all of these drawings together. Should I?

  7. Danny,

    It’s been 5 years since I discovered your book Creative License and I’ve been a follower since. I see the world with different eyes. First and foremost, thanks for that! I was inspired by Roz Stendahl who drew her dog every day for 5 years, and I’ve taken that challenge with my dog. I’ve been at it for a year now, and I’m most interested in capturing movement and personality (I have plenty of sleeping poses). I’ve been studying gesture, line of action drawing, etc. but am having trouble reconciling it to your advice to draw what I see. With animals, it seems like the advice is to capture the movement with the line of action and rhythm sketching and then rely on memory, knowledge of anatomy (I’m working on), and known mannerisms to complete the drawing. I know you’ve drawn your dogs and wondered how you approach it (seeing versus remembering).

    Any advice you have would be such a bonus. I love your work and am so thankful you’ve shared it!


    • dannygregory

      Hi Stacy:

      I love that you are following Roz’s example. I love to draw my dogs too. Now, let me adress your question as well as I can. Honestly, the terminology you use (“gesture, line of action drawing,rhythm sketching” etc.) is the sort of thing that drove me from art classes and most “How to Draw” books, when I was first starting out. I decided instead I would just draw what I see.
      Ideally, my dog is asleep and holds the pose for ten minutes or so, then I just draw him as a shape and work my way deeper to capture details. He’s just an object, like a bagel or a footstool. I do of course have a vague sense of his anatomy but I dont think about that much. And the less I think while I’m drawing, the better. Occasionally I think about negative space and proportion if I start to get panicky but generally I just stick to contours, much of them blind.
      Too many systems, terms, etc. just make my right brain take over and screw things up.
      Empty mind, deep breath, draw. That’s about it.
      Hope that’s of some help,

      • Stacy

        It occurred to me that I never thanked you for your advice…THANK YOU! I love this little project of mine, but for a little while I forgot that it’s also supposed to be fun. I really bogged myself down with those “serious” books. I knew you’d throw me a line: empty mind, deep breath, draw. Thanks again for your words of wisdom, encouragement and inspiration!

  8. Heribert Geschwind

    Dear Danny,
    thank you very much for your inspiring books, your blog and your pictures.
    I have the great luck to see someone learn without the burden of grumbling,critizizing inner monkeys. It`s my 13 month old grandson Bela. His projekt is: Learn to run on my own two feet. Two weeks ago he made his first awkward step after crawling on hands and knees for months. He fell down at once but everyone clapped enthusiastically and encouraged him. He tried again and again …….than took a little nap, eats a bit and tried again. Five days later he staggered nearly a meter. Encouragement from all sides. Little nap. Eating a bit. Try again. Meanwhile he walks from the table to the chair, into the garden,turns around, carrys his cup. He still falls down every 20 seconds. Is hurt, sometimes cries from frustration…But : old recipe. Little nap, eating a bit and back to work. Always under the applause of loving parents, grandparents and friends. I`m sure next summer he climbs and runs like a flash….. Many of us have seen children grow up. I raised two girls and a boy but I was too young,too busy and maybe too stupid to understand what incredible process of learning children go through. … and most of them learn to run and jump and talk…… If they were infected by those inner monkeys they couldn´t learn any of these incredible abilitys.The try and try and no one ,neither inside our outside cries: You`re too old, too young, too stupid,too awkward,too……be content with what you have.! Live would not be possible. The same we can observe at animals. Lately I saw a couple of jailbirds teaching their little bird to fly. Very beautifull. Let`s try to send the inner monkey back home. ( sometimes I think these “inner monkeys” are much more powerfull than the carpers from the outside world.)
    Thanks for all and best wishes from Bonn, Germany


  9. Brian

    Does anyone know what brand of pen Frederick Franck drew with?

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