Chatting. In my house. About stuff.

Recently Cynthia Morris came to visit me and we sat down for an interview because she wanted to know more about A Kiss Before You Go and the whole process of recording your life in a book.  Cynthia has started drawing fairly recently but she is a life coach and deals with creative people all the time. She describes her job as helping “people enjoy their talents and create on their own terms”.  I like that job description.  She gave me some solid advice on the direction my life is taking and I offered my own thoughts on how she could create an illustrated memoir.

Here’s a video we shot of the chat in my living room.

Cynthia posted her notes from a conversation we had once the camera was off about my advice on “8 Ways to Live an Illustrated Life“.  I hope it’s useful.

8 thoughts on “Chatting. In my house. About stuff.”

  1. just wonderful, Danny. I love hearing your speak about your book, your dear Patti, and the process of creating an illustrated memoir. (And was that Joe or Tim in your lap?) xoxo


  2. Danny, you are truly an inspirational person. I’m a private person and now I’m trying to share my experiences, good or bad, trough my art. “Go beyond your comfort zone and share it”. I loved it! Life is a learning process. Thank you!


  3. A joy to see the dog. He was definately listening and thinking about his illustrated story. I love your work Danny. Cynthia…great interview…loved the one you did with Marcus McCallister in his Paris studio. I like that you interview in the artist’s home.


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