My colleagues.

I’ve always envied people who could bring their dogs with them everywhere. Old coon hounds sitting in the back of a farmer’s pickup. Fashionistas with their Pomeranians in their purses. Airport cops with stoic German shepherds on short leashes. Hip entrepreneurs writing code in old warehouses, with mixed breed companions named Woman or Copernicus or 8-track sitting under their Ikea worktables.
Finally, I have joined their ranks. Every morning, my hairy coworkers report to the garage with me. First, they make sure no one has accidentally left any bacon or chicken bones on the floor during the night, then flop down to supervise me while I work. That supervision is very trusting as Tim and Joe generally fall asleep within minutes and leave me to carry on unattended.
slumber honds
Every hour or so, something or other will pass outside our fence and they will leap outraged from their slumber and hurl themselves down the drive to bark angrily through the cracks. Then, huffily, they strut back to their stations, exhale indignantly and return to dreams of New York sidewalks and slow moving cats.
If I have to go into the house to freshen my martini or buy another ream of typing paper, they escort me to the door and wait by the kitchen steps. When I return, usually seconds later, they are delirious and insist on asking me all about my absence. Then back to bed. I mean, work.

9 thoughts on “My colleagues.”

  1. This is about the third time recently that the link can’t be found. The following message on (Word Press) is displayed:

    “This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it? It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching, or one of the links below, can help.”



  2. My co-workers Beau and Gracie… sleep on the job all day, getting up only to swap doggie beds… or to insist the doorman (me) lets them out in the yard for a bit… but they are HOUSE dogs, not YARD dogs so the doorman will be summoned to let them back into the house in short order. Everyone thinks Jack Russell Terriers are hyperactive, couldn’t tell it by my two snoring co-workers.


  3. Our and white Border collie, goes with us most everywhere. She thinks its her right..gets very indignant if she cant go.. but then there are times she knows she isn’t going to get to go and doesn’t even try. very spooky when they can read us so well. .At the moment one of your bottom sketches captures our Annie laying beside me. lol I think I hear Zzzzs coming out of her? Great sketches.


  4. I have a Lab, a Basset and 2 cats supervising me every evening while I work at my art desk. My cat Sneakers makes sure to keep a helpful paw on my hand to insure that I am doing it right, and to give me a little assistance when needed.


  5. They definitely know something about life that we have missed. I see your sketches and am reminded of DAVID HOCKNEY’s weenie dog paintings. He says they are all about love…


  6. I can almost relate, definitely to the comments on the top sketch, however my puppy hasn’t got the sleeping supervisory skills yet and constantly bounces on me or chews me, or wants to play.


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