Brand new!

We are SUPER excited to announce our newest course, Stretching, is open for enrollment right now. Classes begin in a week!
We are also open for enrollment for Beginning, Seeing, and Storytelling. These kourses will begin every few weeks over the month ahead.

To get a preview of all the courses and to enroll, just visit

We are also very excited that all of our klasses* will now take place in our very own Sketchbook SKOOL HOUSE. Our programming team have built a lovely new environment for our classes which is easy to use and highly responsive. Our servers are now all over the world so you can get your videos and comments faster than ever.

The Skool House is also home to our new Student Union. This is a gathering place for everyone in the SBS community. Places to talk, share work, meet with others who live nearby or who have similar interests. There are even special groups for teachers designers, architects and more. The Student Union is open right now, so even if your courses doesn’t begin right away, you can still join the party.

All of our courses (including membership in the Student Union) are still priced at just $99*.

We hope to see you in klass!

*If you took previous semesters of Sketchbook Skool on Ruzuku, you will continue to have access to them in the future on Ruzuku.

**Due to recent changes in EU tax laws covering online courses, we are now required to add additional VAT for all our European students. Sorry!



14 thoughts on “Brand new!”

  1. Hi Danny, it would be great if at some point you did a children’s drawing course because there are not many of them around and I think it would really benefit a lot of kids.


  2. Hello I am confused. I would like to sign up for beginning and seeing. I recently found you and your books after losing my husband of 25 years, and I want to draw. Are the classes at specific time and dates, or at anytime I log in? I am confused when I read your books when you talk about seeing. Odd I know for someone who owned an art gallery for 13 years. Thank you All best Marcy Rosenthal


  3. Yes, I had the same problem with trying to sign in, so I just did the full sign up and at some point it remembered my email address and from there on it worked! Keep trying Robert!


  4. Hi Danny, For some reason I cannot login to skechbook…I put in my user name and it still says no. Can you help. Thanks

    Rev. Adam G. Briones M. A. Interfaith Chaplain and Spiritual Director

    Pace e Bene Sent from my IPad



  5. Hi Danny, I was able to enroll in your new class. I’m looking forward to the next stretching class. Cheers

    Rev. Adam G. Briones M. A. Interfaith Chaplain and Spiritual Director

    Pace e Bene Sent from my IPad



    1. Hi Adam:

      Sorry you are having a problem. Let me clarify.
      Your login is for Ruzuku, the platform we are migrating away from.
      Our new system is completely a fresh start.
      To enter our exciting new Skool House, you will sign up again, creating an account, etc and you will be emailed a new user ID and password.
      You can start this simple process at

      Sorry for the confusion and thanks for being an ongoing part of our community!


  6. Hi Danny, Trying to sign up for sketching and CANT!! Help!! I have logged into the site and can see my old classes but then it tells me to relog on to pay for the class…and then it wont let me. I have emailed ruzuku and waiting for them but I am heading out of town in the am and would like to get this done before I go…thanks!!


  7. There are now two places where Sketchbook Skool classes exist. There’s the old one on ruzuku. And there’s the new one on Sketchbook skool house.
    Your old classes are still there on Ruzuku and you can still go back to them and look them over whenever you want.
    But your new ones, all the ones from now on, are on our new platform.
    Two separate places, two separate IDs, two separate passwords. But both open to you 24/7 to help you learn and be inspired.
    To join the new course, you need to enroll at our regular website,, just like always. But then you will need to sign up for a new account on our new platform. A brand, spanking, shiny new account. This process is easy and simple. When you enroll you will get a new user ID, a new password and new URL to visit to find the klass.
    If you sign in to Ruzuku, you will not find the new course. It’s on the new skool house.
    is that clear?

    Enjoy your trip and see you in klass.


    PS Any other problems, please email She has better answers that Ruzuku or my blog 🙂


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