My new movie: The Art of A Fan

A few years ago, I had great fun making a series of Sketchbook Films with my old pal and genius, Tommy Kane. After bugging him for months, I finally got Tom to join me in making a brand-new film about Marcy Singer.

I first met Marcy when I taught a class at the Open Center in New York and apparently I gave her an idea that led to an enormous project. I said, “why not draw while you watch TV? Just use the DVR to freeze the frame and sketch what’s on the screen.”

An ardent hockey fan, she decided to draw every single game the NY Rangers play and has now filled many sketchbook with wonderful drawings and watercolors. It’s a great story about how drawing changes how you see things and deepens your experience and your passion.

8 thoughts on “My new movie: The Art of A Fan”

  1. This is awesome! I can’t think of any other word to do justice to Marcy’s work! It’s an overused word, but when something leaves your eyes wide, your mouth open in a big smile “awesome” is the only word that fits! Thanks for sharing, Danny and Tommy!

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  2. my life has been enriched with Tommy and Danny and all the others in your wonderful world of drawing…when in doubt, DRAW..when feeling low, DRAW, when wondering what,DRAW..I even taught drawing and now do so much for myself…never alone with a pen and sketchbook (and more pens, ink, watercolor, books, website..etc etc etc)..thanks to all of you…


  3. Great story! I’m a massive Penguins fan (sorry Marcy! :-), and I completely understand where Marcy is coming from. I’ve drawn from TV/DVR before – especially when someone with a really interesting face comes on – but I haven’t considered drawing the game itself – great idea!!!


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