Sketchbook Club: James Jean

I just finished this week’s video about an artist I really admire. Actually, that’s an understatement — I am in awe of James Jean. I hope you will be too.

Here are the books I reference in this video.

8 thoughts on “Sketchbook Club: James Jean”

  1. What your doing with sharing your books is fantastic! I’ve always admired James Jeans skill and imagination. Please keep on with these book sharing! Please,please,please!


  2. I thought of journaling more as a beautiful record of places and people. But in James Jean there is a very strong creative and expressive element. He also draws and paints things he imagines. He crosses back and forth over the threshhold of what is real and what is artistic creation. A journal starts as something more private, too. He did that, but then blossomed out into the public realm. He is a journaling artist, it seems…


  3. The video was really interesting , glad to have found a good talk about his amazing art, with actually a lot of work i hadn’t seen yet:)


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