8 thoughts on “My Life in Pens- Pt. 3 Cross”

  1. Love this story!! Thanks for sharing Danny. My father ALWAYS had those two Cross pens (ballpoint & pencil) in his pocket. I was sooo proud when I got my own Cross ballpoint pen (from one of his business contacts)


  2. Memories…. Many Cross pens and pencils in my life. My go to gift for certain people. I prefer the older ones. One year I gave the grandchildren a Cross fountain pen and a journal and a little story, seven grandchildren.


  3. Love this Danny. My ex husband – who was not a wealthy man – had a gold cross pen and I confess I shared your school pals disbelief (many decades ago when I first saw it) that any ordinary person walked around with a “real gold!” pen in his pocket. To be fair it was usually only added to evening attire for special occasions, when it was taken out of its case with some reverence and popped in his top pocket along with a slightly flamboyant silk handkerchief. I can’t recall that during any evening soiree he ever had the need to write anything, but it had been a gift from his father and I think he always felt inordinately proud it was there.


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