It’s 7 a.m. Everything is very, very quiet except for the pitter patter of rain and occasional whooshes of wind. The city still seems to be alive though. Saw two guys walking happily down the street (umbrellaless), one taxicab (available), one cop car.
Woke up to minor leaking under the french doors, quickly cleaned up with a towel. We have lots of batteries, bottles of water, and cold cuts in the fridge. Other than that, our fears of “Katrina II – N.Y. edition” are fading, though the TV keeps yammering that even worse conditions will hit us in the next two hours.
Yesterday, I heard a guy say into his cell phone, “No, I am getting ready. I’m going to fill up all the glasses in my apartment with water.”
Plan to spend the rest of the morning drawing, drinking tea and eating cold cuts.

I am very proud to be included in Cathy Johnson’s newest book, “Artist’s Journal Workshop: Creating Your Life in Words and Pictures” I have to say it is the most lovely and inspiring book I’ve contributed to — I have spend an awful lot of time going back and forth through it. It’s chock-a-block with great pages and tips from old friends and new discoveries. I urge you to learn more about the book and grab a copy of your own.

My heated entrance into online publishing has proven a tepid success. So far, a small handful of excellent people have bought the paperback of my masterpiece, Peanut, despite the shipping costs. And, as for the Kindle version that was so loudly demanded by some, well, the electrons are still taking up space in the virtual warehouse. Apparently a few lovely English people (probably distant relatives)  have downloaded it but I have yet to hear from them either.

I’m not griping, just chastened. The funny thing is, this book is really good. I know I’m biased but those who have read it have been ridiculously effusive about it.  Nonetheless, my dreams of sitting on a tropical island prodigiously writing books and uploading them directly to my readers without a publisher’s craven intervention, seems to be dimming.

In a last ditch effort to get it into a few more hands, I have squeezed my partners at Blurb and Amazon and lowered the price on the paperback and ebook versions. If the price is still too high to be worth your while, well, then I give up.

Actually, I dont really. I’ll be releasing another book, a completely different one, in the next day or two, using the same channels to get the book out.

Hope springs eternal and I’m a dreadful entrepreneur.

If you are curious about the future of publishing, and like a great bargain, buy Peanut:

Available in paperback from Blur:

And as an ebook on Amazon.

PS If you bought Peanut at the original price and now feel like you were ruthlessly conned, send me a note and I’ll try to make it up to you.