22 thoughts on “Online Classes

  1. I’d love to take a class from you. I’m in Orange County but willing to travel. Just finished a week in Bellagio with Jane LaFazio. Lots of room for improvement.

  2. An online class would be real fun way to get out of the not-drawing rut. I would travel to LA from Colorado for a workshop, too, because my daughter lives there and I go see her anyway.

  3. hope this is the year that you offer an online class. you would be making a lot of lives richer with the inspiration that you provide.
    thank you for your wonderful words-

  4. On-line please! I’m in Devon, England and have given your books to all my arty friends over past 4 or 5 years, so am sure they’d be up for it too!

  5. Just recently discovered you by poking thru books in Amazon. I got three of yours! I’m an artist…the painterly, abstract, non-representational type. Check my work out: http://www.marie-martin.com. Recently have had to face reality that my biggest reason for heading into non-representational work is fear of drawing. I’ve got a few pieces that indicate drawing potential is there within, I just need to bring it out, stop fearing, and go for it! Turning 66 has a way of pulling back the curtains, doesn’t it? I live in OrNge County California, and agree whole heartedly with others above that Id love it if you’d have classes in SOCAL. I will drive to LA for this! Please do this! Thank you!

  6. Hey, how about coming to beautiful “let’s keep Santa Cruz weird” to teach a workshop? I know everyone in my Illustrated Journaling group would love to take a class from you…not to mention all strange and wonderful artists who inhabit this area. It’s not really too far from LA, in distance, but a gazillion miles away in terms of life style. We would love to have you!

  7. hi danny,
    i live in the canadian gulf islands. would you consider doing a class over the border on the left hand side? lynn

  8. Hi Danny,

    I missed the April offering of Sketchbook Skool class (honestly, I just heard about your class today…where have I been??). Anyhow, will you also be teaching in the June offering?? If so, I’m there.

  9. Hi, Danny,
    I am living in Germany and would love to take part in your Sketchbook Skool in June. I never tried this before and hope I can get along with the Internet.
    My Problem is how do I manage to pay? I dont have a Visa Card . I pay everything I buy in the Internet by Paypal . I also could transfer the money by bankaccount.
    I hope there will be a solution, I have some of your books and I love them.
    I am looking forward to your answer
    Greetings from the very South of Germany
    Karin Dennler

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