Change Your Underwear Twice a Week


My second book is a tribute to classroom filmstrips — if you were born before 1980, you probably remember them. I loved the way they condensed lessons down to a few dozen beautiful illustrations, photos, and sentences. They instantly transported me back to a simpler time. In researching this book, I came to wonder why we were being taught the lessons they contained. That led me to study the issues of the day, to uncover how education, politics and propaganda converge. Selected by Amazon as one of the funniest books of the year, it’s odd and beautiful and truly one of a kind. And you can get one of your own right here.

1 thought on “Change Your Underwear Twice a Week”

  1. I remember those films…they always seemed to be narrated by the same guy. I can hear him in my memory now, a clear but rich baritone with a little dark color to it. Very Serious.


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