School for Evil


This one isn’t about art, though it is illustrated with my drawings. And it has the usual witty, disdainful voice you’ve come to dread.

In an experimental mood, I wrote a funny, twisted novel for young adults. It’s actually probably more for grownups but it was intended to acknowledge that teenagers like the creepy and distorted.

Here’s the gist:

Serbin Reek was born looking evil — but he was anything but. After he is wrongly expelled from his high school, Serbin’s step parents send him to their alma mater, SFE, a secret institution deep in the woods of Wyoming. There he discovers that evil can be taught, studied, and graded on a curve.

An unputdownable, hilarious novel for adolescents of all ages.

Available for the Kindle for a paltry 99 cents.

Also in paperback for a pittance more.

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