A Kiss Before You Go

IMG_8969adjustedPatti and I shared so much over the twenty-four years we were together:  her paraplegia, raising our son, lots of adventure, laughs, and love. When she died in a horrible accident, I  had to face a completely new life and approach it day by day.

A Kiss Before You Go is an illustrated record of our years together and my first year alone. It covers sad events but ultimately it’s a book about loving and living, about beauty in its many shades. I hope reading it brings as much to you as writing it did to me.

Here’s a little video to give you a sense of what it’s all about:

If you’d like to learn more about the making of the book, please read the many posts I wrote about it as it came out.


You can order A Kiss Before You Go on Amazon.


3 thoughts on “A Kiss Before You Go”

  1. I could never imagine someone close to me dying, but this book made feel like I’ve lost someone important to me. Great writing! Still reading….


  2. I read this whole book in one day. I lost my husband of 30 years in March 2014 so my first 12 months of grieving are nearly over. I just wanted to thank Danny for sharing his everyday honest thoughts as he went through the process. It is a different experience for everyone but some aspects can be similar. I had been a mixed-media art journaller in the years i was caring for my husband and now because of Danny’s and other books i am now going back to embracin my artistic cravings without guilt and express a number of residual emotions.


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