Something to listen to while you draw.

I had great fun yesterday talking to Paula Granquist for her show “ArtZany: radio for the imagination” on KYMN in Minnesota.  We discussed why people think they can’t draw, how to get started making art, my books, Sketchbook Skool and loads more. Here’s a recording of the show

Podcast 15: The Story of Sketchbook Skool

Five years ago, Koosje Koene and I started on an epic adventure to create a new creative business. For this episode of the art for all podcast, we sat down to discuss all that has happened, all we have learned, and all we hope to do with Sketchbook Skool.  We were joined by our Dean of Students, Morgan Green.

If you are a fan of Sketchbook Skool or are hoping to start your own creative business, I hope you’ll find this discussion of interest.

NOTE: This is the last episode of Season One. We will return soon with the new season. For updates, please subscribe to the free Sketchbook Skool Zine.

Podcast 11: Austin Kleon

This week I interview best-selling author Austin Kleon on the creative process.

Austin is one of my favorite writers and thinkers about the creative process. He is a poet, a collage artist, a blogger, an author, a diarist, and a writer who draws.

Listen to the episode here.

Mentioned in this episode:

COMPLETE EPISODE TRANSCRIPT: Continue reading “Podcast 11: Austin Kleon”

Interview: The Creative Introvert

I had a very nice chat about all things creative with Cat Rose on her podcast, The Creative Introvert. Have a listen.

Introverts don’t have to become extroverts – and vice versa.
We just need to identify what it is that makes us light up, what energizes us, what drains us – and do the best we can (WITHOUT apologizing about it!) to live a life that suits our needs.

— Cat Rose

Eat Your Creative Vegetables

I am on the newest episode of Youngman Brown’s wonderful podcast, Your Creative Push.  

In this episode, I discuss:

  • The importance of your partner understanding your creative needs.

  • Creative postpartum depression that often occurs when we are finished with a project.

  • Why I left the advertising industry.

  • Meeting Koosje Koene and how Sketchbook Skool started.

  • The value in seeing how many different artists make art as well as seeing where they make it.

  • The role that community plays in developing as an artist.

  • The difference in motivation when you are paying for something as opposed to getting it for free.

  • Going to clown school.

  • Giving yourself constraints or challenges.

  • What it means to clear space in order to start new things (or finish old things).

  • How I got past imposter syndrome (and my advice for Youngman in getting past his).