I miss you!

My life has changed a lot in the last year. New home. New dog. Global pandemic. And lots of new ideas. I’d love to share them all with you but….

I am taking a (probably) permanent break from writing here on this blog to expressing myself on other platforms. I have been really busy at it and I don’t want you to miss any of my new ideas and writings if you are still interested.

  • Essays: I have been writing a weekly essay in a newsletter of sorts which I will gladly email to you if you tell me where to send it. Just go to dannysessays.com to sign up and you’ll get them (free) on Friday. And if you reply to me, I promise to read it and get back to you as soon as I can.
  • Podcast: I’ve relaunched the podcast art or all and am putting up (or ‘dropping’ in the new vernacular) a new episode every Monday. I am keeping them short and pithy. Subscribe on your favorite podcast app or listen here on its website
  • Small bites: I have kind of given up on big social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Instead I am communicating with interested people via text. If you’d like me to send you my latest drawings, inspiring thoughts, and my recommendations of things to read, see and do, send me a text at 919-298-8117 (US & Canada only). I’ll read every text you send me and reply when I can.
  • Video essays: I am making a few short video essays that you might enjoy and you can find them here on YouTube.
  • Draw With Me: I continue to do my weekly live show on YouTube, Thursdays at noon ET. If you can’t make it, recordings are always available. You’ll find them here.
  • Sketchbook Skool: I am coaching 1-on-1 as well as leading lots of online drawing groups, discussions and workshops.

I don’t want to loss touch with you — so please join me!

Live Drawing Parties

Greetings from my bunker to yours! Let’s get together and draw a little. It’ll pass the time, break the isolation and make us feel calm and centered.

Here’s the deal: Every day at noon ET, I will go onto YouTube and Facebook and share a lesson from the vast SketchBook Skool archive of lessons. Then we’ll work on it together.

I did it for the first time today and 350+ people showed up — we had a lovely time. (Recording below)

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At last! My new book.

I am so relieved that my new book, How To Draw Without Talent, is finally printed. What a travail!

Just as we were finishing the book, as you may know, my original publisher filed for bankruptcy. The good news is they were later acquired by Penguin Random House and eventually the book got back on track.  I received my first copies yesterday and you can get yours in just a few weeks (official pub date: Nov. 26th).

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I’m not gone. Just gone elsewhere.

I am trying out micro-blogging on Instagram while I travel through Europe (Amsterdam, London, Paris, Bretagne) for a couple of months. I’m trying to draw and write something pithy every day on IG and replicating the post on Facebook.

If you are interested in what I’m up to, follow me there: @dannyobadiah.

I know some people will not like this change but it’s the most efficient way for me to record what I’m doing and thinking without being dissuaded by the obstacles inherent in writing long blog posts here.

I’ll probably switch back once I get home, but I didn’t want you to think I’ve succumbed on one of my usual periods of indolence.

See you on the ‘Gram.

Lifelong dream achieved.

Dear Abby. Jimmy Breslin. Dave Barry. And now me…. columnist!

My first piece appeared in the current issue of Artist Magazine.  And I just got the galley of the next one.  Next I can get a press card for my fedora and start drinking bourbon while pounding the keys.  

Get me rewrite!

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Where have I been?

I have spent the last two weeks doing everything but writing blog posts. Let me catch you up on what I’ve been up to, as I hope that you will be a beneficiary of my efforts.

Last fall, we presented SketchKon, the first Sketchbook Skool convention, and when it was over, we did a lot of stock taking. It had been a wonderful opportunity to meet many of the people who had taken kourses with us and who had formed our vibrant community. We learned so much in those few days and came away even more determined to give you exactly what you want and need to make art making a joyful part of your lives.

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Join me in a free workshop series!

 I am excited to be a part of  Sketchbook Revival, a FREE online workshop series full of amazing presenters. I urge you to join me!
The workshop officially begins April 23rd and runs through May 4th. The artists leading the sessions will share their passions for creating in a sketchbook with everything from ink, to watercolor and mixed media, and also how sketchbooks can be tools for recording daily life, developing personal style, connecting with intuition, emotional well being, and so much more.
To sign up FREE, just click here.