At last! My new book.

I am so relieved that my new book, How To Draw Without Talent, is finally printed. What a travail!

Just as we were finishing the book, as you may know, my original publisher filed for bankruptcy. The good news is they were later acquired by Penguin Random House and eventually the book got back on track.  I received my first copies yesterday and you can get yours in just a few weeks (official pub date: Nov. 26th).

I sat down to read it this morning with my first cuppa, just to see what it would be like to pick it up as a first time reader, and I  must stay, I really like it. It looks fantastic, full of color and energy and zillions of drawings, and I do hope you’ll like it too.

11 thoughts on “At last! My new book.”

  1. I have had my copy on Amazon pre-order for quite a while now. Needless to say receiving my copy the end of November, sounds just like an early Christmas present to myself. Thanks, Danny.


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