Lifelong dream achieved.

Dear Abby. Jimmy Breslin. Dave Barry. And now me…. columnist!

My first piece appeared in the current issue of Artist Magazine.  And I just got the galley of the next one.  Next I can get a press card for my fedora and start drinking bourbon while pounding the keys.  

Get me rewrite!

Featuring art from our amazing fakulty
What should I wear to the Pulitzers?

32 thoughts on “Lifelong dream achieved.”

  1. Yipee for Danny. Congratulations! Well earned, well deserved, a larger forum with which to pass on the religion of sketching!


  2. Fabulous! This is going to be WONDERFUL! I loved just working for a magazine. Write for one? WOW! This is going to be such a great opportunity for you; you have all the skills it will take to do a fantastic job for Artist Magazine and it’s readers. I’ll bet their readership goes up, up, up with you onboard. Have FUN! 🙂


  3. Danny, I read “A Zillion Ways to Fill Your Sketchbook” Sunday morning – Artist Magazine online. An unexpected, motivating gift! I thank you, Danny. I was THRILLED to see the style I thought was yours, and by golly, it WAS yours! You gave me a refreshed outlook (once again) on the sketchbooks I treat way too tenderly. Why do I think everything I put on paper will be judged by others? Never good enough? I call it Artist’s Disease, right?


    > From my shoulder, I can hear you saying > “Just do and enjoy it, Marla! Time is a’wastin’!”( … and I’m sure old enough to know it!)

    Put on your fedora and grab that press card. Approve that galley and get ‘er going! Looking forward to your continued successes, my friend.

    Marla Brumbaugh Findlay, Ohio

    Specializing in imaginative watercolor and dynamic mixed media collage.



  4. Danny, you are truly the perfect person for this position. You are fecund with ideas, inspiration, years of experience, and knowledge. And you are an author to boot with important messages to assist us in a variety of ways to keep us sketching. I’ve been sketching lately quite a lot with colored pencils and watercolor. It has kept me sane as I’m dealing with health, aging and financial issues. However, I’ve settled into a place of joy because of the sketching. Also my profession was creator and facilitator of children’s creative art workshops. I created the workshops but didn’t do my own work. I love the sketching work cause I can do it anywhere so I’m not housebound. One day I’ll even post on Facebook. Danny, this new adventure of yours shows me life keeps on moving forward and we need to jump on it when it presents itself instead of stay stuck in old forms.


  5. Wow…this is great! The Artist is one of my favorite magazines. I’ve been reading it for many years. I’m so excited for you. Congrats!


  6. so happy to hear that !!! and so proud of my “guru” like a friend called you ,some years ago, when i would keep talking about you, your life (shared in sketches), your books, etc…
    tear a bit and then laugh because your sense of humour :0)
    can i ?
    congrats Danny !!!


  7. I share your excitement on a lifelong dream. OF COURSE your wisdom and inspiration should be shared in this publication; it just took someone to open their awareness to you.
    I have a dream to be published as a cartoonist or illustrator in The New Yorker. I’ve sent s few images and cartoons (which I think are hilarious by the way) and they’ve graciously and respectfully rejected them. I’ll keep sending new ideas — it’s being in the game that counts. Watch for me one day in TNY to give you a chuckle! Congrats on your column — which doesn’t surprise me — you are a special voice.


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