Join me in a free workshop series!

 I am excited to be a part of  Sketchbook Revival, a FREE online workshop series full of amazing presenters. I urge you to join me!
The workshop officially begins April 23rd and runs through May 4th. The artists leading the sessions will share their passions for creating in a sketchbook with everything from ink, to watercolor and mixed media, and also how sketchbooks can be tools for recording daily life, developing personal style, connecting with intuition, emotional well being, and so much more.
To sign up FREE, just click here.

35 thoughts on “Join me in a free workshop series!”

  1. Wow I made the assumption that it was SBS. Foolish me. Learning though. You know what ? I am tempted but even free doesn’t justify it for me. I know that a referral from you is golden (that has been my experience) however the new kourse will give me more than I can handle (as usual). See you in klass.


  2. The link is giving me a 503 error. Everyone must be trying to sign up at once! Looking forward to the new SBS klass as well.


  3. Thank you for getting in touch with her. I am having the same problem as everyone else. But I have a question: What is “zillion” (see reply #4)?


  4. Danny, I hate to sound like a crouch, but I think the timing on this is really poor! I’ve heard comments that “Gee! I just paid for a SBS course and hear comes this free one! I feel a bit peeved” It feels like it diminishes the SBS class!


  5. Well I for one am extremely grateful for your generosity of spirit to sponsor a free workshop. SBS kourses are yours forever, that’s the wonderful thing about them, do any extra input is always appreciated. Never too much creativity!!!!!!


  6. Danny,
    While I was signing up for the sketchbook revival, I noticed your small video about Eric Sloane….he’s a FAVORITE of mine. Years ago a carpenter gave me his Reverence for Wood and I was hooked. As a homeschool mom, I have used his Look at the Sky and Tell the Weather for 4 boys who were always outside, tuned into nature.
    Even now that the boys are all grown, I still teach drawing at my local homeschool co-op and never fail to bring Sloane’s books to show.
    If your viewers are interested in more, his sky murals are at the National Air and Space Museum! Still revelant!
    PS Your Art for Breakfast video got me drawing one snowy morning…it wasn’t “breakfast,” but the ingredients for homemade soup for later that day and I used Dr. PH Watson inks that a friend had given me, but I hadn’t ever gotten around to using them before. Thanks!


  7. I’m excited about this workshop. I do have a full time job, I hope it is something that I can watch before or after work? I love all art mediums I just purchased oil and soft pastels so really new at that, but Im old hat at graphite, color pencils, watercolor pencils, watercolor, and acrylics paints and I have about 16 colors of ink.. So I am ready to learn.


  8. The site would not let me enter an email. Everything stayed on the same line no matter what I tried. Sounds like a fun course to kick start the artist genes. Instead I am just frustrated. 🤔


  9. I signed up but now I can’t see where I can find the sketchbook revival.. been really looking forward to it.. I’m just not much if a computer person so I am a bit lost.


  10. I really enjoyed the book artist in the first video. I have hearing disabilities and I was able to read her lips. Not so with the second video of Day One. I am unable to find captions. Do they exist? At any rate, I love the format and as a book artist, I appreciated that the series started with three books.


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