A Zillion Sketchbook Tours

I just uploaded a zillion sketchbook tours from various random points in my library. They’re all on my YouTube channel now and now magically embedded here too.

It’s to celebrate the launch of our new kourse, A Zillion Ways To Fill Your Sketchbook. This kourse is pretty amazing, if I do say so myself.  It’s basically an encyclopedic review of what is so freaking amazing about sketchbook art. Trust me, my feeble tours are a mere blip in the firmament of this vast masterwork.  Hope you’ll join us.

Meanwhile, here’re the trailer and a dozen tours.

You’re welcome!

18 thoughts on “A Zillion Sketchbook Tours”

  1. omg this is a great post! Thanks Danny 🙂 I can’t want to hurry up and get off work to enjoy these videos.

    p.s. hope you are feeling better too….


  2. Oh I LOVED this! Thank you for taking the time to film all these. I could look at your art all day…and I got so many wonderful ideas for things to try in my own sketchbooks, too.


  3. I would love to document my sketchbooks, page by page. A how -to on how to take a (hands free) video, from lighting to where to put your camera for best resultts. Loved seeing yours.


  4. Thank you for sharing these Danny, a few of the images are familiar. This warrants several views as far as I am concerned. Inspiring.


  5. I feel like I’ve seen footage in the trailer before. Is this new material in this course or is it a mash up of material from previous classes. I’ve taken all of the previous courses except for Illustration Nation. So if it’s a mashup of other courses I probably won’t take this one. Thanks for the info.


    1. It’s not a mashup. Koosje and I’d wrote 45 new videos about all aspects of the art of sketchbooking and we use examples from the work of SBS faculty to illustrate it. The content is all new and very deep.


  6. I only intended to look at a few of these, but then I couldn’t stop. Thanks for sharing. I’m glad you didn’t post more. I would be watching your videos all day.


  7. I really enjoyed your workshop today in the new sketchbook class on line. I live in NY and NJ. Do you give any classes in real time, in person? I have kept a journal, but drawings from memory. Today in Gregory’s coffee I drew my coffee cup and spoon 4 times. A new beginning.
    Thanks for sharing your incredible
    Talent! Sandy Camlek


  8. Thank you!!!! I’m a new artist and I find sketchbook tours so much fun like a personal mini art gallery. It’s cool how your progress!!


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