A Zillion Sketchbook Tours

I just uploaded a zillion sketchbook tours from various random points in my library. They’re all on my YouTube channel now and now magically embedded here too.

It’s to celebrate the launch of our new kourse, A Zillion Ways To Fill Your Sketchbook. This kourse is pretty amazing, if I do say so myself.  It’s basically an encyclopedic review of what is so freaking amazing about sketchbook art. Trust me, my feeble tours are a mere blip in the firmament of this vast masterwork.  Hope you’ll join us.

Meanwhile, here’re the trailer and a dozen tours.

You’re welcome!

Sketchbook Club: Eric Sloane

In this week’s episode, I explore the work of American illustrator Eric Sloane.  And by American, I mean AMERICAN!

In his many books, he explores Americana in lots of forms — from the tools early farmers used to the huge skies of the plains to the old barns of Pennsylvania to American wood to early cross-country car trips and much more. His ink drawings have a classic, bygone feel, and he is a master of the dip pen. ANd he makes some dandy url paintings too.

I made the mistake of doing this presentation live on Facebook rather than using my better cameras and mics in the more controlled way I usually have been doing. I tried it in the interest of capturing live conversation with viewers but I don’t think it’s worth the loss in quality.

Anyway, no slight to Mr. Sloane, who I think was a brilliant artist who has long inspired my own.

Sketchbook Club: Self-published

Today I shared a bunch of my favorite self published books. I hope they inspire you to make something awesome!  Here are the book I discussed and how to get ’em, for your own library.

And here’s some more info on Illustration Nation, our brand new kourse: