Sketchbook Club: Eric Sloane

In this week’s episode, I explore the work of American illustrator Eric Sloane.Β  And by American, I mean AMERICAN!

In his many books, he explores Americana in lots of forms β€” from the tools early farmers used to the huge skies of the plains to the old barns of Pennsylvania to American wood to early cross-country car trips and much more. His ink drawings have a classic, bygone feel, and he is a master of the dip pen. ANd he makes some dandy url paintings too.

I made the mistake of doing this presentation live on Facebook rather than using my better cameras and mics in the more controlled way I usually have been doing. I tried it in the interest of capturing live conversation with viewers but I don’t think it’s worth the loss in quality.

Anyway, no slight to Mr. Sloane, who I think was a brilliant artist who has long inspired my own.