8 thoughts on “My Life in Pens: Pt. 1 – Parker”

  1. Aah yes the Parker pens. One could draw a “Rode Draad” with the remarkable items we accumulated in our ‘minds’ and in physical form. Another successful series Danny. Thank you.


  2. My father gave my mother a Parker pen fountain pen as a gift in the 60’s. She wrote checks with it on bill-pay day. That was the total sum of its use. I wanted that pen! I can relate to the Parker pen love affair. Again your ingenious platform and well written prose are outstanding and so enjoyable, Danny. Thanks.


  3. I love it! What a great way of creating a personal history- and I can’t wait to find out what happens next. (Also makes me want to pull out my old school Parker Vector- obtained after years of lusting!).


  4. I was raised on stories of the Parker 51 fountain pen, which seems to have been part of the uniform when my Mother trained as a nurse. According to the lore, there was a store in London where you could take a malfunctioning Parker for repairs. You gave your pen to the man at the counter and described the problem, he then put the pen and a note on a conveyer belt which took it to a magical back room where it was fixed and returned by the conveyor belt.
    Just the knowledge that a place like that once existed has made me nearly as loyal to Parker pens as my Mother was.

    Thank you for the memories!


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