12 thoughts on “Sketchbook Club: Saul Steinberg”

  1. Love this Danny …wonderful collection of drawings and an intro to a terriffic artist….gotta try the thumbprint things…I have plenty of inky fingers from a faure into printmaking. Have a great Christmas holiday and New Year Danny….see you in SBS in 2018!


  2. Danny, I really enjoy Sketchbook Club, and I am happy to hear that you are continuing this program next year. When feasible I also buy the sketchbooks you review. I like to copy the sketches of others. I believe their insight not only enhances my art but also enriches me as a person.
    For the last year I have wanted to visit the Brooklyn Art Institute’s sketchbook collection, but I do not know if that travel destination will happen. I think Sketchbook Club is a fantastic substitution. I really enjoy your commentary.
    Thank you for sharing, Janis Scilley.
    Happy Holidays


  3. Would love to hear a review of any book by the great Al Hirschfeld. His drawings of celebrities with minimal lines is pure genius.


  4. What an inspiration! Could I be related to this interesting artist? Thank you for sharing this Danny. Have a great vacation.


  5. Hi Danny, thank you for this video! I´m really in love with Steinberg since (may be) two years. I didn´t know this wonderful european/american artist and found him accidentally. What a shame! But then I can´t help to stop drawing in his style for a while and still sometimes do, because it is so great! It is interesting: I have this book too, but a german version from Rowohlt Verlag Hamburg. And there are some differences in it. For example, there are no colours by stamps. It´s a pity! Or the first pages are made not with stamps, but with his “finger-stamp” drawings. I hope the other drawings are all there 🙂 Thank you for your comments! And sharing! Olga


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