This n that

My cup runneth over these days. I want to update you on all of my doings and share some wonderful stuff made by others that are making me happy on this lovely spring day.


This book is apparently now in German (awaiting my copy but someone bought this in Berlin and sent me the picture):


This book is apparently now in Russian (awaiting my copy but saw this on Instagram. Also awaiting the Spanish and Turkish ones) :

This book is fantastic, the best primer on art appreciation ever:

This book is just gorgeous:

This is apparently just a coincidence:

This will give you permission to make stuff:

This is one of the most innovative things I’ve seen in a while:

This is one of a dozen or so videos I am making for TED X Basel.

And the Sketchbook Club meets again here today at 5 PM EST:

We are in the middle of a wonderful new kourse at Sketchbook Skool and busy producing a half-dozen more to come later this year.

Tomorrow, Tommy Kane and I will be releasing a brand-new Sketchbook Film, our first in years. Stay tuned for that. And more….

Ask me anything!

I am going to be doing an experiment on Facebook next Tuesday and I’d love you to join me.  It will be my first Live! event in which I answer your questions, on camera, and it is broadcast on the Sketchbook Skool LLC page at noon EST (NY time).
You can post your questions anytime and anywhere on Facebook. Just add‪#‎sbsaskdanny‬ to your question so we can find it.
Then drop by the Sketchbook Skool LLC page at noon. If you miss it, no sweat, I think the video will be available later.
Here’s the event page if you need to know any thing further
I think it’ll be fun!

Fun in my pants.

Like most 21st century bipeds, I love my phone. I remember back in the ’60’s when we had to carry around a computer the size of a Buick in order to get spam. Now I just reach in my pocket, and there’s the world — and I don’t even wear cargo pants!

pumpkin-latte-widgetWhich brings me to irony. Earlier this year, I published a book which suggested that when you have downtime — while waiting for the light to change, the elevator to arrive, the doctor to read your x-rays, D.J.Trump to say something reasonable — instead of reflexively reaching for your phone to check Facebook, you might pull out your sketchbook and do a little drawing.

Now the publisher of my book has placed temptation in everyone’s way.

For the month of January, Art Before Breakfast* will be on sale for just $2.99. That’s the ebook version. The version you can download to your phone and carry around with you everywhere. That means that rather than doing a drawing, you can spend your downtime thumbing through my book and reading me exhorting you to do a drawing.


room-service-widgetIt’s not all bad though. The book is full of inspiring thoughts, encouraging advice and suggestions on what and how to draw, paint, and make the world a lovelier place. So with any luck you’ll download it and eventually get around to making some art. No matter how busy you are.

This offer ends on Jan 31. Then the world returns to normal.


*This link is to Amazon US but it’s on sale on in virtually every store that sells it worldwide.

A Christmas Karol

For the last few months, I have been engaged behind-the-scenes in new and exciting things at Sketchbook Skool. Koosje and I have been joined by several fantastic new staff members and together we are rebooting the ol’ Skool for 2016.

If you like the sort of things I write here, you’ll like what we are planning to do at SBS. It’s not a run-of-the-mill art school, nor is it like the many platforms that seem to be popping up to offer online courses. Sketchbook Skool is first and foremost a creative community of over 10,000 people around the world who meet to encourage and inspire each other.

Our plans for the new year revolve around building and engaging this community. That means new kourses but also things like webinars, ebooks, drawing projects, visiting artists, real-world get-togethers, and many more free forms of inspiration. We are reinvigorating Q&Art, our YouTube chat show. We also hired an amazing new editor for our blog, a former senior editor at Oprah and author of a dozen books. And we have a new COO and marketing guru who is streamlining our operations and making things run so, so much more smoothly.

Our reorganization means I have more time to do fun things like write blogposts and books, give talks, and make videos. Like this one — to announce our new year, conceived shot and cut in two days in NYC and Amsterdam. I hope you enjoy it and will join me at SBS in a few weeks.