This n that

My cup runneth over these days. I want to update you on all of my doings and share some wonderful stuff made by others that are making me happy on this lovely spring day.


This book is apparently now in German (awaiting my copy but someone bought this in Berlin and sent me the picture):


This book is apparently now in Russian (awaiting my copy but saw this on Instagram. Also awaiting the Spanish and Turkish ones) :

This book is fantastic, the best primer on art appreciation ever:

This book is just gorgeous:

This is apparently just a coincidence:

This will give you permission to make stuff:

This is one of the most innovative things I’ve seen in a while:

This is one of a dozen or so videos I am making for TED X Basel.

And the Sketchbook Club meets again here today at 5 PM EST:

We are in the middle of a wonderful new kourse at Sketchbook Skool and busy producing a half-dozen more to come later this year.

Tomorrow, Tommy Kane and I will be releasing a brand-new Sketchbook Film, our first in years. Stay tuned for that. And more….

8 thoughts on “This n that”

  1. Loved the video with you and Sabine, Danny. Inspirational to just. do. art. Thanks to the both of you. Give myself permission…. appreciate the thoughts and pointers!!! Now to go to work but I will schedule 15 minutes to do art today! Thanks!


  2. Thanks for lots of good and intriguing recommendations, except for the one about the JonBenet film. I raised my kids in Boulder and two of their best friends growing up were friends of JonBenet and her brother. JonBenet was a real person and her brother still is. The film looks exploitative to me of these real people and the real pain behind this awful event.


    1. I appreciate your POV. However the film may “look” it is a powerful work of art that I don’t feel it is exploitative. It is about the nature of truth and should be watched before it is judged and dismissed.


  3. Yep! This is a good Blog Post Style for you! Keep ’em coming. Damn, now I need Netflix. I’m at work for Sketchbook Club but grateful there is a recording and goodness gracious it is about time you and Tommy present a film. Thank you for all of the inspiration today. I’m buzzed…Cheers-Darlene

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  4. Sketchbook Skool is making me happy these days when life in general is very challenging, so thank you, once again for being in my life. And for introducing me to Sabine and Tommy and Brian and all the rest…. And I’ve gone and ordered all these books!!


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