Sketchbook Club #2: d.price

We convened another meeting of the Club to discuss the work of one Dan Price of Joseph, OR. He was one of my earliest and greatest mentors.

Some notes: 

Moonlight Chronicle back issues:
I see that on this site Dan said he doesn’t have back issues in print anymore but will be making e-versions of them. If you email him and bug him, maybe he’ll pull some out of the attic. It’s worth a shot. Otherwise, you’ll have to make do with his books — which are pretty awesome too.

Moonlight Chronicles:
How to Make a Journal of Your Life:
Radical Simplicity:
Learn about his simple life in this film about d.price:

10 thoughts on “Sketchbook Club #2: d.price”

  1. Enjoyed the session and saw part of this youtube video. Inspiring. Reminds me a little of what we did for ten years.


  2. How to make those books? How to go from our page of drawings/photos/writings to a small issue simple book? Could we have a class about that? That’s the thing.


  3. Long time fan of Dan Price, I have his book, now I’ve got to go dig it out of my stack of books, somewhere near Rick Tulca’s Le Select book I’m guessing.


  4. I’m really loving these sketchbook club “chats” Danny…….my Amazon one click is taking a slamming though! Already ordered all of Dan books…..last week I ordered A Life in Hand…..and yesterday I ordered Explorers Sketchbooks as mentioned in your blog post…….oops!! What with Exploring klass and all these lovely books it’s Inspiration a-go-go!


  5. So cool you met Dan and you made it into his sketchbook. These sketchbook videos are THE BEST!


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