Ask me anything!

I am going to be doing an experiment on Facebook next Tuesday and I’d love you to join me.  It will be my first Live! event in which I answer your questions, on camera, and it is broadcast on the Sketchbook Skool LLC page at noon EST (NY time).
You can post your questions anytime and anywhere on Facebook. Just add‪#‎sbsaskdanny‬ to your question so we can find it.
Then drop by the Sketchbook Skool LLC page at noon. If you miss it, no sweat, I think the video will be available later.
Here’s the event page if you need to know any thing further
I think it’ll be fun!

6 thoughts on “Ask me anything!”

  1. Can’t see it live ’cause I’ll be in my watercolor class (I’d blame Jane La
    Fazio if I were you for getting me hooked). But I’ll think about questions and catch it later on. Break a leg!


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