Fun in my pants.

Like most 21st century bipeds, I love my phone. I remember back in the ’60’s when we had to carry around a computer the size of a Buick in order to get spam. Now I just reach in my pocket, and there’s the world — and I don’t even wear cargo pants!

pumpkin-latte-widgetWhich brings me to irony. Earlier this year, I published a book which suggested that when you have downtime — while waiting for the light to change, the elevator to arrive, the doctor to read your x-rays, D.J.Trump to say something reasonable — instead of reflexively reaching for your phone to check Facebook, you might pull out your sketchbook and do a little drawing.

Now the publisher of my book has placed temptation in everyone’s way.

For the month of January, Art Before Breakfast* will be on sale for just $2.99. That’s the ebook version. The version you can download to your phone and carry around with you everywhere. That means that rather than doing a drawing, you can spend your downtime thumbing through my book and reading me exhorting you to do a drawing.


room-service-widgetIt’s not all bad though. The book is full of inspiring thoughts, encouraging advice and suggestions on what and how to draw, paint, and make the world a lovelier place. So with any luck you’ll download it and eventually get around to making some art. No matter how busy you are.

This offer ends on Jan 31. Then the world returns to normal.


*This link is to Amazon US but it’s on sale on in virtually every store that sells it worldwide.