How to watercolor: In under 3 mins.

People often ask me, “Oooh, you use watercolors! Isn’t that really hard?” Short answer: No, silly. Slightly longer (2:40) answer: watch this video from Felix Scheinberger.

He lays out all you need to know succinctly and clearly. And in German! And it ends with him putting a flame to his painting!

Felix, BTW, is one of the world’s greatest masters of watercoloring. And even though he gives you all the basics in this video, he has sooo much more to teach. It took me over a year to get him, but now he’s finally on the fakulty at Sketchbook Skool. Starting tomorrow!

We have a few seats left but enrollment ends on Friday. Get a brush, some paints, and join us!

17 thoughts on “How to watercolor: In under 3 mins.”

  1. Sketchbook Skool is always excellent….I’ve enrolled in all of them and it is an excellent vehicle to help unleash creativity. Skip the colouring books and make your OWN art!


  2.   I have tried for two days to pay for Expressing, but something is wrong with my password or email. I have tried to contact someone about this but no one has answered. I DON’T WANT TO MISS THE DEADLINE.  PLEASE HELP ME.



    1. Sounds like you enrolled on Ruzuku.  We have since moved to our own platform, the Sketchbook Schoolhouse.
      You can still access the old kourses where you took them, but now you’ll need to set up a new identity and password as if you were a new student. It’s pretty straightforward and you’ll be enrolled just in time for klass on Friday!
      Any other tech problems? Email


  3. I am very intrigued by this Klass. I would love to take it but I am in the process of moving and in limbo between homes. Will you be offering it again?


  4. Can’t wait to start sketchbook skool class on fri! I just started a new blog and am in some serious need of inspiration and a ‘daily habit’ routine. Love your work, Danny and I can’t wait to learn from you!


  5. Reblogged this on books*art*life and commented:
    Great little video here from Danny Gregory on Felix Scheinberger’s watercolor technique that takes the fear out of it. Follow Danny Gregory’s blog for great tips on art and introductions to Sketchbook Skool:


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