Podcast 15: The Story of Sketchbook Skool

Five years ago, Koosje Koene and I started on an epic adventure to create a new creative business. For this episode of the art for all podcast, we sat down to discuss all that has happened, all we have learned, and all we hope to do with Sketchbook Skool.  We were joined by our Dean of Students, Morgan Green.

If you are a fan of Sketchbook Skool or are hoping to start your own creative business, I hope you’ll find this discussion of interest.

NOTE: This is the last episode of Season One. We will return soon with the new season. For updates, please subscribe to the free Sketchbook Skool Zine.

5 thoughts on “Podcast 15: The Story of Sketchbook Skool”

  1. Wonderful session. The three of you brought back many memories and filled my mind with ideas and images…… Can hardly contain myself but I will. I have been singing your praises since 2014; telling you to keep doing what you do as that is what makes SBS so unique and powerful. Pasadena will be an explosion. Just like SBS.

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  2. Even though I’ve been there almost since the beginning, and have ridden along for much of the journey, this was a delight to listen to and, as Robert says, it brought back some memories. It’s been said so many times I feel there should be a bumper sticker (💡) – but Sketchbook Skool really has changed my life. Thank you guys for following your hearts, and for keeping it fun. ❤️


  3. iTunes never works for me. Why can’t you make this easier to just listen to your podcast without having to go through iTunes.


    1. Lin you don’t need to use iTunes at all! Just listen in your browser, Danny included the link up top, but here it is if you’ve missed it: https://artforall.simplecast.fm . Now bookmark/favourite that page and you can always find them and listen with no probs. 😊 (I never use iTunes either 😉.) Danny maybe the simplecast link could be the prominent one for next season, instead of the iTunes link?


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