Release the hounds!

sbs launchAround the planet, Sketchbook Skool‘s doors are slowly opening. The first student signed in at midnight from Russia and now the Aussies are filing in. As the calendar flips and the world turns, I am filled with a combination of glee, excitement, and a twinge of impostor syndrome.

We have worked as hard as we can since last fall to make this thing as rich and interesting and high quality as we can. When I sat down last night for a final walk through, I felt really good. The monkey tried to jabber at me a bit, telling me I’m not really a teacher, or a film maker, or an artist, or an Internet expert, but I have successfully swatted him away and am now just humming with anticipation.

I feel like I did that first night at Rowe Center last summer, surrounded by people who wanted to make stuff and to hang out together and share. The same feeling I plan to have on Saturday at the Open Center.

Thank you so much for supporting me in launching this idea. It’s very gratifying and a testament to our amazing fakulty and my partner, Koosje Koene.

There are still so many people hammering on the registrar’s door and, every few minutes, we see another new name appear on the klass list.

See you in klass!


  1. Christie

    I am so looking forward to this!

  2. Lynn Cohen

    California is awaiting it’s turn at the door. To think I have to sleep another night in anticipation! Argh! But the people I have already “met” just by saying “hi” on the group face book page; seen their blogs, have them see mine. It’s really such an expansive experience. I can only imagine how it must feel to you as the teachers/creators of the whole thing. Thanks for doing this and giving us this amazing opportunity.

  3. Bernard Hornblower

    Ah never rushed to skool like this before. I’ve been in snooped around, put my bag on my hook and excited already with only a quick visit. Woohoo, and no chalk dusters to be thrown at me…..I am so old….

  4. patti tapper

    Michigan is ready!

  5. judyblankenship

    …we’ve just arrived in Mexico for three weeks and I’m hoping I can “tune in” to the videos on my own schedule as we travel through the Yucatán and Chiapas. Or even when I get back to Ecuador, where I live. Will this work?

  6. Darlene Campbell

    I’m ready. My pencils are sharpened.

    • Carol Lee Beckx

      Oops you’ll discover that pencils aren’t allowed in skool :(

  7. cml1853

    New York is ready!

  8. ehwilson2013

    Ooooo! Ready here in Wisconsin, USA!

  9. magus1111

    Ready in Sequim, Washington! Got pens, pencils, pads, Moleskines! So stoked!

  10. Beliza

    I am starting right now. So excited to see what you have in store for us!! :)

  11. hjtait

    I was so excited to see it all there when I woke up early Sydney time. It’s great to see you are truly international time and I didn’t have to wait until Friday arrived for everyone else. :)

  12. Veronique

    Madrid will have a look this afternoon…

  13. Matt

    I don’t feel tardy….

  14. Annika

    Norway is ready toooooo :)

  15. Serena Lewis

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the first lessons, Danny! I already have some sketches under way. Thank YOU!

  16. gypsysnail

    Wow this is fabulous! And did I read right, Aussies??? How is this happening… is it online or are they over there right now and able to attend real classes? If this is the case, I am hoping to put together an application for an arts grant to go to your skool as I am keen to learn more, call it professional development, it would be a great opportunity! You have more to offer than most schools do.

  17. Janie

    I’m enjoying Sketchbook Skool, lots of challenge, I need that, wakes me up. So many good artists are also taking the class, I’m a little embarrassed cause I’m not all that great. I’m sure I will improve with the good ideas, and practice.

  18. Ellen Ward

    Is ruzuku fixed after HEARTBLEED? I did one of those tests online and it came back ” probably Vulnerable”, so I am reluctant to log in for class until the company makes an official statement. Would love to see tonight’s class if all has been patched and updated!

    • dannygregory

      I checked with Ruzuku and they have patched Heartbleed.

      • Ellen Ward


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