1. jendy63

    Man, I SO want to take one of these courses, but am in the middle of a very large move, which will be executed largely by myself and my partner. Plus, I’m trying to still do my work so I have some $ coming in. Is there a chance that you will re-offer these again when a third (I hope) is ready?

    • dannygregory

      Yes. We are working on the third klass for October at which point all 3 will be open.

  2. Mary Ann

    How does this work, Danny? Can you see the klasses at any time after you join, just for that week or only when they’re shown? I am an art teacher, and it sounds wonderful, but I, like everybody, have a busy schedule.

    • dannygregory

      Please visit our website where we have answered all such questions.

  3. Elaine Swerdfeger

    Can’t wait!

  4. leighbunkin

    Will you ever offer these as a dvd or streaming video to download to keep and watch on your own schedule?

    • dannygregory

      Unlikely, Leigh. A key part of SBS is the commmunity we have built and a DVD just wont capture the spirit and collaboration. You can view and participate in our online klass at your own pace but we don’t want to end up gathering dust on a shelf.

      • leighbunkin

        Thanks. So I tried to find the web site for Sketchbook Skool and couldn’t find it so I wouldn’t have to ask another question which is will we always be able to start at the beginning and go forward even later in the year? Would appreciate the link for the skool. thanks

  5. mtallor5146

    Great video! Looking forward to the class. Loved the first one!

  6. Mary Gayle Selfridge

    I registered as soon as it opened but wonder if you got it and if in fact I am in the class,thanks,loved ” beginnings” and looking forward to “seeing”

  7. Jane Hordley

    Thanks for the update. So looking forward to joining up again and meeting new artists that open up new channels for thinking and committing ideas to paper.

  8. sandra de

    Can’t wait for next semester.

    • Pam Jarvis

      Hi Danny thanks so much for this taster of the second semester. Having come across so many new and helpful teaching in ‘ beginnings’, I am really looking forward to the next semester and the next, and the next……….. Thanks for all your hard work everyone!

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