Pen Pals

dpaI am really lucky to have a friend who has taught me an awful lot about journaling. D.Price is the author of a wonderful zine called
Moonlight Chronicles (subscribe and you will be very happy) and he and I have been sharing our work for years. We copy the pages from our journals and send them to each other and, whenever possible, we get together for journaling trips in different parts of the country.
It’s a great experience to sit down and create a page in your journal, chronicling your current experience and then share it with a trusted friend who is doing the same thing at the same moment. Sometimes, when we share the same vantage point, the same size Moleskines and and the same paint box, Dan and I discover our pages are very similar.
But when we really take our times, we see things quite differently. I tend to see light and shade, whereas Dan tends to focus on shapes. I can get quite lost in a muddy mess of paints or crosshatching and his colors are bright and sharp. Our writing is quite different too. I’m the City Mouse, he’s the Country Mouse and we are impressed by very different stuff.
When we are done, we swap books and discuss why we did what we did. It’s a great way to learn and grow.