Nancy with the pencil

Nancy wrote to me:

Hello Gregory,
I have one question so far while reading your book – I wanted to know why you require us to draw with a pen and not a pencil. I’m on page 60, and maybe I haven’t gotten there yet, but I am curious to know why pen and not pencil?

I responded, somewhat acerbically:

Hi, Nancy:
Drawing with a pen forces you to commit. You avoid being sketchy ( p.90) and hone your vision. Drawing helps to clarify what you see, to concentrate and to be specific. Ink helps seal that commitment.
Pencils are great to draw with but, particularly as you learn to draw and learn to expand your creativity, try to strengthen your resolve whenever you can. Shut that internal critic up. If that little nagging judgmental voice in your head takes over you will want to erase to correct to second guess. Don’t.
When you feel in control of this medium, by all means, branch out. I spent two years just drawing with a pen, then I started adding color. I still almost never work in pencil. And I don’t own an eraser.
“Do not fear mistakes. There are none”. Miles Davis said that.
Recently on the Everyday Matters Yahoo group we had a long talk about this., People who were convinced and switched to drawing in pen reported miraculous changes overnight. Don’t believe me? Join the group and you’ll see.

Your pal,

PS My name is Danny.
Gregory is my last name.
Too bad we can’t write email in pencil.

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