Booking to LA

I just started working on my 45th illustrated journal and decided to give myself a treat by binding up a variety of really nice papers into a special book. My new journal is an inch thick slab of 8×12″ 300 lb. cold press watercolor paper, interspersed with some colored drawing paper, and so far it’s been lots of fun to work in.

I haven’t worked in watercolors in a couple of months after my detour through kraft paper and white pencil. My monochromatic sojourn has had an effect on my use of colors that I really like.

I painted this while sitting on the john. I wasn’t constipated, just inspired by our coat rack.

Painted standing at the stove while stirring the sauce pan.

A painting of a photo of a painting of a photo.

My first spread in the book, a great horizontal opportunity, 8″x24″.

Unfortunate painting of my lovely boy.

Airports are great places to draw. All those plane gizmos and bored people.

Painted from the New Yorker and then my first afternoon in Santa Monica.

A few drawings that were interrupted in process but I tried to make lemonade out of them.

Again, drawn while waiting, in one case for my colleagues, in another for the pot to boil.

Drawn while waiting for Karen Winters and her husband. I painted it off site and I’m afraid it shows. Plus one of my waterbrushes isn’t happy about being in California.

A very faintly tinted drawing of Ocean. It reminds of something very old and I like it.

I am sort of lonely here in LA, so far from my family (a sentiment that tends to make me draw more). Nonetheless, I will be meeting new friends while here. Last night I was too exhausted to make it to the Drawing Club but I will be at the rainy day Sketchcrawl planned by the SoCal Drawing Room. Then I start shooting on Monday and will be on the set for the next two weeks. I shall post what I make as I do. I doubt I shall have much of particular profundity to report but I’ll do my best.

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