New Book

Ah, the fresh, crisp promise of an untrammeled moleskine! And thus I open Vol. 49 of my ongoing adventures.

Our pal, Moby, invited us to a concert at a tiny venue on the Lower East Side. We were smack dab in front and it was as if he was playing right for us. As always, I can’t draw very well when music is playing but I did try to do a quick surreptitious sketch in the press of the crowd.

Jack is becoming an expert on blacksmiths and is always popping up with various bits of trivia about colonial life. Yet again, my son is starting to show that he is now smarter and better informed than I am. He must be stopped, the little weisenheimer.
We have also been plagues by the endless shooting of ‘I am Legend‘ with Will Smith in our park, klieg lights blast the ‘hood all night long. We are all becoming vampires, just like the critters in the story (coincidentally, I just read the Richard Matheson book it’s based on; a reasonably good horror story).

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