An Illustrated Life Podcast 008: Paul Soupiset

On this week’s episode, I talk to designer and San Antonio native Paul Soupiset. I first came across Paul’s work last year when he posted his Lentenblog. I loved his watercolors and the interesting way he was approaching his faith through art. When Paul visited New York, I invited him to visit us at home. Patti, Jack and I were in the middle of trying to make linoleum prints and I took some time off to sit with Paul and talk about Art, Life, God and the rest of it.
Spend some time at Paul’s site as you listen to our chat.

I am very happy that Paul will be represented in my upcoming book, An Illustrated Life: drawing inspiration from the private sketchbooks of artists, illustrators and designers due out in October from HOW books ( though you can pre-order it today).
The whole episode is 24 minutes long; it’s perfect to listen to as you draw in your own journal.
Please stay tuned and consider subscribing via RSS or iTunes* to this weekly feature until the book comes out this Fall.
See all previous episodes on my podcast home page.

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