An Illustrated Life Podcast 012: Melanie Ford Wilson

Melanie is a wonderful illustrator and designer based in Ontario, Canada. I first encountered her work through her blog and was enchanted by the sweetness of her perspective and by the lively way she writes.
We had a length chat about all sorts of things but I was particularly intrigued by our conversation about the ups and downs of being a popular blogger and the group of women illustrator/designer/bloggers of which Melanie has been a part for the past few years.
See Melanie’s work here and her blog here.
And listen to our conversation here. The episode is 63 minutes long; perfect to listen to as you draw in your own journal.
I am very happy that Melanie will be represented in my upcoming book, An Illustrated Life: drawing inspiration from the private sketchbooks of artists, illustrators and designers due out in October from HOW books ( though you can pre-order it today).

Please stay tuned and consider subscribing via RSS or iTunes* to this weekly feature until the book comes out this Fall.
See all previous episodes on my podcast home page.

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