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The moment you get up to get your sketchbook to draw, why do you do it? What makes you want to make a sketch your sketchbook? Do you do it for you or does knowing other people will want to see it get you to do it? Is it an obsession? I don’t understand drawing constantly and not hanging it up unless it is a preliminary drawing for a project. If you are accomplished at drawing anything, why do it over and over?
Still in a rut and still depressed and with much gratitude for you,

Gee whiz, Annette, you do sound like you’re in a funk.
Why whistle in the shower?
Why cook a new recipe for your family?
Why tell a joke?
Why put an outfit together?
Why style your hair?
Why arrange some flowers in a vase?
Why read a novel?
Why watch one movie instead of another?
Why not wear a uniform?
Or eat the same Value Meal at McD’s every day?
Why not shave your head?
Why not get a job at the DMV?
Come on outta the rut. It’s Springtime!
Or do you need to know why the bulbs are pushing out daffodils?

Your pal,
Danny Gregory

[Originally published on: Jul 19, 2008 @ 0:01]