A Little Portrait


Sean: ink and color pencil 7″x10″
Jack and I haven’t been to life drawing together for ages so we dropped by for a few hours of portrait drawing at the Spring Street studio. We had two models, a woman we’d drawn earlier in the year, and Sean, a little person and an interesting challenge. We both were fairly frustrated by our first few efforts but finally settled into a groove.
Jack’s pastel work is pretty great and he is aching to get into some oil painting. I can’t wait to see what he does with that medium. His drawing has leaped forward in the past few months and he is so self assured and able to concentrate like a laser.
I was a little bored with my piece — I find it hard to focus on the same drawing for over an hour and our class lasted three and a half — so I started messing around with colored pencils. It was okay. We will probably go back for another go in the next few weeks.

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