The greatest artistic crisis since the Dark Ages

Dear Members of The Everyday Matters community:

I wanted to share some thoughts about the health of our online community, the Everyday Matters group at Yahoo!, now entering its fifth year as a robust and inspiring home for people who like to draw. Actually, these days it’s a little less than robust, and I thought it was high time I bring that fact up — to wit, the enormous drop off in group participation this month and the dwindling over the past year or so. We have more members than ever (over 4,000) but our group activity is the lowest it has been since 2005 and I am wondering why.

Here are some of my theories:

A) Too much lurking;

B) Too little drawing;

C) Maybe (and this would be music to my ears), everyone is so busy making stuff that they have no time to write about it;

D) My own lack of online activity as I took a hiatus from blogging. If you have been following my example and just sitting back on your laurels and paring your fingernails, it’s time to get off your duff and start drawing and sharing once again;

E) The EDM Challenges. Karen Winters says she needs some help coming up with new topics for the weekly challenges and I think we should all start giving her suggestions. Alternatively, we could bring in a corporate sponsor and have them underwrite the challenges. In that spirit, I suggest you draw a) your favorite financial institution or financial instrument. b) your favorite tooth-whitening agent and c) your favorite medication (please be advised that drawing this medication may cause side effects such as hand cramping,  neck cricks, self-congratulation and an inflated sense of well-being. If these conditions persist, please contact your local art supply store);

edm-vs-dowF) The economic downturn. I have charted the course of the Dow and of EDM posts over the past year and there does seem to be some correlation but it’s nothing an economist would win the Nobel for noticing. There was a lot of great art created during the Great Depression so if you are waiting for a resurrection of the WPA before you get out your sketchbook, I suggest you quite stalling. If you are feeling too financially strapped to make art, I suggest you visit your nearest bank, steal a pen (now you see why they chain them down!), and start drawing on the back of your 401(K) statement.

G) (And this would be sad), the party’s over.

I welcome all observations and suggestions about this dire situation, the greatest artistic crisis since the Dark Ages. Please post here or on the EDM group.

And if you’re not a member yet, please join and give us all a good kick in the butt.

Your pal,
Danny Gregory