My Yorkshire – a visit with Richard Bell


When I went to Yorkshire to visit my drawing pal, Richard Bell, an ITV film crew showed up to profile him. They shot us as we drew together and later, they took him off for a tramp in the wild.
See me act like a New Yorker and horrify the locals while painting a snack truck.
(ITV was kind enough to send me a tape but they have not posted the show online so I am taking the liberty of sharing it here.)

(Part 1 of 2)

(Part 2 of 2)

14 thoughts on “My Yorkshire – a visit with Richard Bell”

  1. I´ve recently acquired on ebay a copy of his Yorkshire book and it´s great! So much honesty in every little drawing. I´m glad he´s still well and working


  2. Even though Richard only lives a few minutes 'up the road' from me, I hadn't seen these videos of you two traversing the bohemian delight that is Dewsbury Market.


  3. Wow. I loved this, Danny! So, did you end up drawing more on this trip after the interview? What an interesting thing to do, to collaborate with a fellow artist in another country via drawings, and then to finally meet to draw together. How long did you stay? What else did you do? Maybe you should do more of these trips, have them all videotaped, edited, and then do a DVD project based on your last book.


  4. At first listen I could detect an Australian lilt in your accent! As an aussie and big fan of your books and drawings I found this quite exciting 😛
    Great little vid. But more importantly, what is that fabulous brush pen you are using?! 😉


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