Sketchbook #3

Sketchbook3Here’s another video tour of one of my early sketchbooks. Old #3 was one of the first I handbound, nice heavy bond pages in a marbleized paper shell, courtesy of my recent classes at the Center for Book Arts. I was forcing myself to work in narrow confines back then — just line and a couple of warm grey brush markers to add tone. It’s interesting to me to see how my technique developed through the course of this partiucalar book and I was clearly itching for more media by book’s end.
(Those of you troubled by the quality of my last video will be glad to know that after much trial and error, I have developed a good video setup that is easier to watch and listen to. I hope it makes a difference.)

Glenny and me

Incidentally, I had a lovely time in Portland this week, chatting with attendees of the Art and Soul creativity conference and then giving a 90 minute talk on how and why I developed my drawing habit. I was amazed and delighted at how many people showed up armed with dogeared copies of my books and I was flattered that so many insisted I pose with them and have my picture taken. They threatened to invite me to next year’s conference in Virginia and I parried by threatening to come.

9 thoughts on “Sketchbook #3”

  1. Keep em coming, Danny. Love seeing your work. This one was very easy on the eyes and the stomach. I'm curious, how many sketchbooks have you filled up since you started drawing years ago and how many do you have going at once?


  2. I love theese videos so much and i am a huge fan of your work. Especially, the cow! But, I need help. I have been researching brush pens online, but i have absoleutly no idea what type to get. What one would you recommend/have used? I look forward to hearing your reply.


  3. Terrific job – the tripod worked perfectly! It's so wonderful to have the chance to see your earlier work like this. Love the popups, too! Thanks for sharing.


  4. Danny, great flicks here. I love watching them, but I am in Iraq and I have a slow personal internet connection with my laptop. Please keep the movies low-def for faster downloads! Perhaps you could do high- and low-def for people to choose. Some of us are deployed! Haha, thanks man. I'll continue buying your books. Fellow NYer. Go Yanks. (Hope you're not a Mets fan).


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