Jack's Audition

Stage parents wait for their auditioning offspring.

Jack is applying to the Summer Arts Institute, a fantastic program which allows him to study drawing and painting for eight or so hours a day through July. It has loads of dedicated teachers and visits with professional artists and, probably most importantly, the company of other teenagers who are committed to art.
He participated in the program two years ago and did some extraordinary work.
Admission is fairly competitive; applicants need to show a portfolio, complete a drawing assignment, and survive an interview and portfolio critique.
Jack’s portfolio is really diverse these days, oil and acrylic paintings, pastel, conté, various types of prints and the medium at which he truly excels: pen and ink drawing.
Early Saturday morning, Jack and I rode out to the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, a beautiful new public school in Astoria. While he went off for his audition, my pal Tommy Kane drove up and we pulled our pens and drew next to the elevated subway overpass. I think this may be my first drawing in this borough.
An hour later, Jack appeared with a broad grin: “Interview went well. The teacher didn’t like my paintings but loved my drawings and sketchbooks. I think I’m in.” I’m sure his confidence isn’t misplaced, but then I’m his biggest fan. We hope to hear the verdict soon.
Next landmark event: next’s months audition for the Summer Outreach program at the famous Cooper Union School of Art.

Under the subway overpass, Tommy draws the 99c store.

This is Jack’s current portfolio.[click on any thumbnail to see the gallery].  Next time, I’ll share some of the work in his sketchbooks.

12 thoughts on “Jack's Audition”

  1. I have wondered how Jack’s art has been going – I remember you sharing some of his work a while ago (or he used to have a blog?). He’s amazing! I wish I had been able to go to a summer art school when I was teenager! Please pass on my best wishes and admiration to Jack 🙂


  2. What a wonderful portfolio–he is so talented. You’ve been such a wonderful influence, helping him to realize his creative abilities. Sending good mojo that he gets in–I can’t imagine him NOT getting in with such talent. Best of luck, Jack! These are all beautiful!


    1. I agree, the horniness thing is a weird coincidence. The conte drawing was done in a life-drawing class wherein the model wore an ersatz Renaissance outfit. The Sarah Palin drawing was done during the election — Jack's politics are staunchly Democratic. Hopefully neither point to a tendency for women with antlers.


  3. Please – how could Jack be anything but amazingly Talented with two such talented parents! He certainly should be admitted (again) and have a fabulous experience – and YEAH we would love to see some of his sketchbooks!!!


  4. The 'Jim' portrait is incredible (it's all outstanding, but that one is the best for me) – well done Jack, and good luck getting in, I'm sure they'll take you with work like that!


  5. Sorry your son is HOW OLD? What accomplished, intelligent art!! Incredible – no doubting where his talent comes from but WOW! I can't wait to see his work in the galleries of New York and beyond in the coming years!


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