The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step

Jack and I have always shared certain things: pens, a love of R. Crumb, a disdain for Dane Cook. Now we have a new and more complex relationship, one that can be annoying and claustrophobic some times, rich and vital at others. We are roommates, creative collaborators, dinner companions, advisors, and dad and son. And there’s no Mom to act as a buffer, filter, and cooler head.

It can be tough living with a teenager who doesn’t realize he is shedding clothes all over the house or drinking the last of the juice. I’m sure it’s just as tough for Jack living with a cantankerous, soppy weirdo. Despite our differences, we are managing okay, crafting a new sort of life in our man cave, surrounded by chip packages and dachshunds.

Most recently, we’ve taken to sharing a pair of blue shoes that we both coveted. It’s been a true compromise as the shoes are a little small for Jack, a little large for me. The experience has proven useful, teaching us what it’s like to walk in each others’ shoes.

10 thoughts on “The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step”

  1. Mmmn, yes. Adjusting. Take one person out of the family fabric and everything changes. Deep breaths, drawings and dogs make decent adjustment tools, as far as tools go.


  2. “Teaching us what it is like to walk in each other’s shoes…” There is just something so profound in that line, Dan…literally, figuratively…A great blog entry and fabulous journal page. I think Dad is allowed to be soppy once in awhile. You wouldn’t be a parent nor a human who has been what you’ve been through in recent months. Kids just don’t get us one bit. Or should I say that my own don’t, at any rate.


  3. What a lovely post about finding your way ahead and making your way through to a different kind of life with one another than before. You two have a very strong bond and you will always have that. I think you’re both very fortunate in each other.


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