8 thoughts on “616”

  1. True love lasts throughout eternity. It may be different on the other side, but I believe it will be a gazillion times better. We live, we learn. On the other side, we get to really learn and see, the universe. I’m thinking my son will be building me a great log cabin right by the shore of a fabulous lake and we will have weenie roasts all together with friends and family and I will be able to swim under water like a fish, or shrink down and look around inside an atom, or fly above the earth to all the places that were created but never seen by man’s eyes, or below the sea and hitch a ride with a blue whale. I think forever is worth the wait. And I believe our hearts will burst with the joy of it all every moment.

    I hope you find peace in my dreams. Feel free to make them your own.


  2. She always radiated light didn’t she? I still find myself wanting to pick up the phone sometimes to call her so wanting to hear that enthusiastic, consoling, always chirpy, voice on the other end.


  3. I’ll be thinking of you today, Danny.

    Wow..again…another parallel to my current experiences. My anniversary was this month, too, June 7th. Cat and I would’ve made it to our 30th. I planted a tree in her honor on that day…turned out to be emotionally one of the best I’ve had in a long while.

    I hope you are able to hold tight to the joyful times, Danny. They are worth even more now. Hope to talk to you sometime soon. Blessings.


  4. Beautiful negative spaces between the two of you. She’ll always be a part of who you are. Cherish what things you had together. My thoughts are with you…


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