7 thoughts on “AIL in Chinese!”

  1. Thanks for Dan’s Chinese version for they (two volumes) are my start point of journal sketching. Then I went to buy the English version. (one single book is more convenient to carry with) I love the quality of English one even more!

    Please keep going, dear Dan. We’re all so encouraged by you & your journal, and hopefully you will feel encouraged to go on by us, your sincere fans.


  2. Very well done!!!…But unfortunately, they will miss his handwriting who is inspiring as well!!!…After reading his books I’m using fun fonts in all my hand writings.
    Even my groceries list has a combination of fun fonts words with quick sketches… If i forget the list on the fridge i probably will remember the drawing :0)


  3. I’ve borrowed those two books(the traditional Chinese version) from Hong Kong library a few months ago. They are the reason I pick up my brushes again after graduating from elementary school. Thank you Mr Gregory.


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