Peanut. The Graphic Novel(ish)

Well, for those who have yet to consume Peanut the Paperback or Peanut the e-book, here’s a sample of Peanut the Graphic Novel. I hope you enjoy it but please be content with this helping. It’s all I could be bothered to do and no more will be forthcoming.

God, Graphic novels are an insane amount of work! But fun (ish).

(Click on each page to enlarge)

14 thoughts on “Peanut. The Graphic Novel(ish)”

  1. I got your “Peanut” :0)…just now! I was down in the studio and thanks god the FedEx guy ring the bell in between two of Adele’s songs!!!

    In 1 hour from now …I hope I’ll sit beside a non-social/ quiet …dad or mom at Niki’s soccer practice …so i can enjoy my reading!!!

    Thank you again for making me/your fans happy again!!!


  2. Oh Sir, you’ve got us hooked now. American Splendor, Da Sequel!

    LOVED this story, grinning and smiling about it. Yes, you nailed it.

    You have ‘graphic novel’ written all over you.

    “No more shall be forthcoming.” Ha ha. Like a one-night stand, then? And equally good; very very good.

    Thank you for this. You’re brilliant.



    1. “No more shall be forthcoming.” …ha ha…don’t say that yet…an audio book would be great too!! :0) …I’m not even kidding…since you got shy about video and “refuse” to do any new ones on you tube. I’ve seen (finally figured out how) the “Oddities” show with you and Jack (I’ve seen Tim there too:0) and realized that…Patti was right.
      The book is no surprise for me …i got muscle paint :0) in my cheeks. For as long as i was reading i could not “straight up” my smile…:0) I didn’t know you wrote so many books. I’ll make a list with the ones i don’t have add some that i want to get more copies for friends (as gifts and donations) and let you know. For ordering more then…do we get a discount?…I’m (kind) of kidding…:0)…I’ve learn a new think from that show =to negotiate …hihihi (omg!… I’m so bad with that)…I’m watching “Oddities ” regularly now…don’t tell ! especially don’t tell that i want to get hold of the guy who does collect dust…i want to buy some dust/art-dust from Caravaggio’s painting!! :0)


  3. I´ll purchase the Peanut this weekend- for sure!

    Thanks for your generosity in sharing your many fine & fun stories!!

    Greatful Tina


  4. Peanut arrived via FedEx today – I’m so glad they are doing Saturday service. So I immediately sat down and read about 20 pages in. Fabulous! Am now changing weekend plans because I have something very cool to read. The chores can wait.

    I think this should be in the pregnancy section for women to buy for the fathers-to-be.

    Definitely a great book and well worth the effort it took to produce it. Maybe there should be a marketing push for Fathers’ Day….

    Great job, Danny!


  5. Spent the entire day on Saturday reading Peanut. Loved it! I think the perspective and the sense that it is written in real time, almost a train-of-thought perspective makes it really compelling. It is really cool that you were honest about your feelings and inadequacies during (and after) the pregnancy. It really captures what first time parents go through. I liked how you pulled family threads through the story.

    And, because I spent a whole day reading it, I notice my roommate picked it up and is reading it too!

    More! More!


    1. Ooh, MadPenciller, you’re the first Peanut reader who is sharing a review of this book with me. I am so glad you enjoyed it and there’s nothing more gratifying to know it hooked a second reader too, thanks so much for supporting my work!


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