14 thoughts on “Dubai Journal Pages”

  1. If you build it, will they come? This is a depressing story of overreach. Reminds me of the Tower of Babel. Thanks so much for sharing. The journal is wonderful as usual. Dee


  2. Brilliant blog post Danny, I loved the drawings and the video, would make a good location for a spooky film, such a strange place. An English girl in my daughter’s class is moving to Dubai as her father works out there. It’s bound to be a bit hotter there than here in the UK that’s for sure. I start getting panicky if it gets a bit too warm here I would positively melt in Dubai.


  3. Love the way your sketchbooks are so colourful these days. Like the film too – though it feels like a horror movie!


  4. A haunting video and watercolor-lush pages! Have you thought of publishing a small book of your Dubai sketches? I’d buy it for sure! Your sketches give me an immediacy that I’m there.


  5. Reminds me of the tower of babel as well. It’s a horrible godless place. I’ve seen several documentaries of Dubai and it’s a frightening corner of the world. Thanks for sharing. I LOVE your gorgeous pages.


  6. Brilliant film. I lived in Saudi Arabia for two years and it is very similar. Can’t say I have any desire to return to that part of the world.


  7. Pretty cool film! And love how you get such intensity in your watercolors!
    Great to see what you’ve been up to Danny! Thanks for sharing this!


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