How weird!  This morning I posted about my pen and the ink I use in it. A pen I have used without incident, around the world, in book after book. A Lamy Safari Charcoal Extra Fine Point Fountain Pen – L17EF

This evening, my pen ran dry and so I refilled it, just like I have dozens of times before.. An hour later I picked it up to draw  — and it conked out.  It just felt like a strange plastic roller ball nib and wouldn’t produce a line. It was like a lifeless corpse in my hand. I cleaned it, refilled it, tried everything that would normally revive a wonky pen. Zilch.

There was nothing I could do but order a new Safari, a bright blue one this time.

That’s what I get for raving about a trusty old pal and for answering too many questions about it in one day. Rest in peace, Old Safari.

9 thoughts on “RIP”

  1. I have been using a Lamy Safari as well, with Noodler’s Ink, and find it quite satisfactory so far. I do wish the EF point were just a bit finer, however. But for the price, it’s fabulous. Thanks for your original recommendation.


  2. Danny….how do you travel with an ink pen? I assume the pen itself filled with ink would pass thru the security check (or would it?)….but what about the bottle of ink? Would seem very chancy putting it in packed luggage. I’m taking a fabulous trip out west in September, and am thinking to bring along my Lamy, but hesitate because of the ink issue.


  3. Oh my god! I knew this would happen just after u posted about the pen. This often happens n u subconsciously know ur pen is going to die without being aware. Very sad. Burial for ur old pal the pen. Lol i saw the blue one that day u posted and found one for myself the blue one! Freaky! 🙂 enjoy ur new pal 😉 metal wire friend and his ink friend 😉


  4. I ordered a red one so I’d see it easily amongst the others…also the Noodlers fountain pen black ink and a converter–after reading a tutorial and so many posts on these pens—and now I will be looking for it in the mail—when they stop working they then make great decorations in so many places or in collage or on a wrapped gift to yourself that lies around looking cool…


  5. Danny, can I ask where you found a bright blue one? I only see colors for ballpoint pens, not fountain pens. Would appreciate it. Or if anyone else knows, let me know, okay?


  6. Danny, when you receive the new one you might pull the nib and try it on the old one. Could be the nib (or the feed under the nib) got clogged, bent or otherwise out of alignment. The nibs can be purchased separately. I’ve had a Safari stop working and all I did was pull the nib off and slide it back on and it started working again.

    Cheers — Larry


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